Guerrilla Marketing Whales

The humpback whales swim in corkscrew patterns toward the water’s surface near the fish. As the whales swim in ever-smaller revolutions, they discharge bursts of air through their blowholes. One burst of bubbles, forming a bubble cloud, discharges every second during this process.

The result is a bubble net that may be close to 100 feet wide. Similar to a fisherman’s net, the bubbles enclose the herring, preventing escape. Whales capture schools the size of a house containing close to a million fish in this manner.

Diachok and his colleagues believe whales may even classify fish before they catch them. The scientists observed pairs of humpback hunting teams. One whale would swim beneath a school and herd fish towards the surface. A second whale on top of the school then emitted tonal sounds.

Guerrilla Marketing Whale.jpg

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