Guns & Gestures

23% of motorists that carry a gun in their car in the US make rude gestures through their windows compared to 16% that do not pack a firearm in their vehicle.
Ref: New Scientist (UK)

I published a sales horror story a few years back about a guy who, on his way to a sales call, angrily flipped off another driver. You can guess the ending. He arrives at the appointment to meet his road warrior opponent across the desk.

We do not, you do not lead anonymous lives.

Whether you believe there’s a God watching you or not, you are always being observed.

Note this; men and women of integrity act with integrity, EVEN WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING.

Who are you when you are alone? Are you someone that everyone could do business with?

Be honest with yourself first and that respect you show you will reveal itself in your business life.

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