Help! (that would be you asking)

I spoke yesterday at the Motivation Show in Chicago. You’ve got to go sometime. It’s for all the companies that provide incentive trips to sales forces, company events, etc.

So all the airlines are there, and hotels, and both the usual and unusual gifts you might expect to receive or give as rewards.

In my talk I tell people that the association has hired me to speak and, to that end, everyone in the audience is my client.

Feel free to call me or email me with anything that might be a question related to your sales struggles.


This baffles me. It has always baffled me since I began offering this six years ago. I’m now overly baffled and not sure this condition is good for a sales pro and good-hearted coach.

Having the guts to say, “Can you help with this one thing…?” is a big step toward higher success levels.

Why struggle alone?

So, I’ll say it to you, my blog audience, got a question? Lay it on me.

Don’t be surprised if a little brainpower and teamwork with the Sales Autopsy guy doesn’t get you past the hump.

And you’ll not suffer from this confusing condition prospects put you through – death by bafflement.

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