He’s soooo Old…

… his blood type is discontinued.

One of the key themes that runs through my collection of sales blunders is the concept that selling strategies we grew up with don’t work as well as they used to. And it’s not as much that they are ineffective – research shows that 40% of the population is motivated by benefits – it’s more that our prospects have experienced our techniques for so long, that they can be a bit irritated when we start using them.

The “alternate choice” close is a good example. Would you like A or B? Can we meet Tuesday at 10am or Wednesday at 2pm? These comments are predictable and you can’t distinguish yourself from the competition by sounding, looking and acting like them.

So do it differently. Give them three choices – or none! “I’m not sure when we can get together, my schedule is pretty full, what would you like to do?” When they name a time, reject it and accept their next suggestion. This way you not only prove you’re not like all those sales dogs hounding buyers, but you’re busy and successful, too.

So watch your use of old techniques and you won’t sound like those mediocre salespeople you’re kicking to the side of the road, as you collect their commissions.

Good Hunting!

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