Homer Simpson & Selling

“Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It’s what separates us from animals… except the weasel.” – Sales Guru Homer Simpson

This post will be using guilt to motivate you to action. So be prepared to hear your mother’s voice as you read along.

Is there that ONE THING you should be doing to improve performance, and you’re not doing it?

It might be making X number of contacts each day, and you’re falling short.

It might be getting help handling those objections that eat away at closed business.

It might even be that you’re chasing too many poor prospects and need a method for exterminating these bad buyers.

Stop weaseling out of work. Don’t be a stinking sales varmit! Pick a specific time to get your task completed and imagine how awesome you’ll feel when it’s behind you.

And ahead of you is income, more sales, and a future that’s brighter than it was before you were playing the part of the professional selling weasel.

Your mom’s voice has faded away, now get to work.

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