How long have you been working here?

“Ever since my boss threatened to fire me.”

Okay, it’s an old joke but it made me think of missing salespeople. I’ve been recently inspired by all the news coverage of former teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa and the hunt for his remains. And this is funny, the FBI is looking at Hidden Dreams Farm.

Don’t bury your dreams of selling success by not being all there.

One of the toughest parts of selling is being there and giving 100% or more to your company, your career and your bank account.

Most of us got in this business for the freedom and income potential. We then struggle with attaining our potential, simply because we don’t manage our time. We’re easily distracted – ironically, by the things that are meant to serve our success – computer (surf’s up!), phone (gotta chat about last night’s TV or sports news) or our brain (wandering thoughts). The FBI is working hard to find Jimmy Hoffa, and our taxes support their efforts. Why not work just as hard to put a full 8 or 10 or ? hours into your day, and find out how productive you can be?

Keep your focus on your work for one day. You might be surprised at how much you’re capable of doing. And that translates into money.

That’s it. The FBI still can’t find Jimmy Hoffa at Hidden Dreams Farm.

Will your dreams remain buried, in hiding?

Can you find you? One day, one full day at a time.

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