How to Get Financially Fat during the Holidays

I remember working for a boss who didn’t want his sales team (about a dozen reps) to make phone calls on Friday afternoons during the summer.

No reason to spend money running up phone bills prospecting when all the prospects were out golfing. All of them. He evidently had some insights into our buyers that we were not privy to. They were HR executives, by the way.

So I disrespectfully disobeyed the man.

Went right on contacting people while my fellow reps went (I guess) golfing as well.

I stayed in the office, teed off on the phone and drove my sales to about double the next closest teammate. And none of my sales buddies ran into any buyers on the golf course.

This same attitude will inflict or affect or afflict the world of salespeople right about now, during holiday time.

What will you do when the world around you is slowing down? Will you keep up your normal pace and keep up your normal income? Or will you amp it up a bit and watch your competition disappear in the rear view mirror?

You have a commitment to your career, your company and your family. You’ll get your holiday time, just don’t waste your working time by slowing down while everyone else gets sluggish and sloppy.

Keep that commitment and work hard. Remember in sales you pay yourself. And, if you’re smart and consistent, you can get financially fat during the holidays.

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