Hunting Hawk Selling Lesson

I’m looking outside, into my backyard this morning.

Squirrels scamper about.

Birds zoom in and out of trees, some dropping to the ground where they pull and stretch at long earthworms who have hidden themselves poorly in the grass.

A bunny nibbles at clover which seems to grow in spite of our regular grass cutting.

All the proper animal sounds accompany this visual display of nature.

In a moment the atmosphere changes as a Red-tailed Hawk floats onto a lower branch in the biggest tree of the yard.

Everything freezes, like pausing a video game or movie. It’s pretty strange and, at the same time, kinda cool.

Nobody in plain sight wants to be noticed by this predator.

For 6, 7 minutes nothing moves. Then as if the hawk is no longer there, the scene is taken off “pause” and everything starts back into action.

The hawk watches a few minutes more, then flies away.

Aren’t sales reps like hawks? Predatory creatures seeking the attention of prospects who are quite adept at hiding.

How well do you glide into the lives of your buyers?

How well do they stop what they’re doing to attend to your presence?

How often do they continue life as if you don’t exist?

Your job is to land on a local branch and gain attention. It’s not to blend into the landscape and become invisible to your marketplace.

And hiding prospects, even in plain sight are worthless to you and your career.

Go, go get ’em. Invade their yards, get their attention and do what your job title describes, sell.

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