Ig Nobel Awards Sales Tips

If you’re not aware of the Ig Nobel awards, the most bizarre bits of scientific research from around the world are recognized each year in a ceremony where Nobel prize winners recognize these researchers “achievements.”

You can read about the 2007 awards at


These include viagra for hamsters (to prevent jet lag, of course); the mathematics of wrinkles in sheets, a comprehensive study of sword-swallowing injuries; and the Air Force’s development of a “gay bomb” to help enemies make love, not war.

In a world crying out for attention, these scientists have definitely distinguished themselves from their peers.

How well do you creatively get your market to notice your existence?

In my book, Sales Autopsy (www.salesautopsy.com), I suggest a tactic I tried, mailing a coconut with the words, “You’re a tough nut to crack” to a large hospital CFO, where I got the appointment.

Every sales pro – corporate, small biz or entrepreneurial can use a little creative thinking to gain recognition. Then you’ll need to close them, but that’s another skill set.

Let’s gather your best ideas and send them over here. We’ll put together our own Nobel prize for salespeople.

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