IMPACT! (of sales training)

Objects the size of a grain of sand frequently hit the Earth’s atmosphere, appearing as shooting stars in the night sky. But a larger impact could be devastating. Asteroids are blamed for the death of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago and an explosion over Tunguska, Russia, in 1908 that wiped out 60 million trees over a 830-square-mile area.

That spectacular shooting star is simply a grain of sand burning up in the night sky?

Even the smallest action or word can have incredible impact on a sales call.

But if you were betting on motivating a buyer would you rather be a grain of sand or an asteroid, say a 1/2 mile in diameter, slamming into the brain of that buyer?

You will have the greatest impact on prospects when you’ve had the best sales training possible. And for many of us, it might just be SOME sales training.

For some expanded thoughts on the potency of great sales training, check out this page on my website;

Sales Autopsy training is about to arrive, at a planet near you!

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