iPod and the Potty


iPod Toilet.jpg

The state-of-the-art device – called an iCarta – makes it easier for people to listen to beats while using the bathroom.

It is designed, according to the US manufacturers, to “enhance your experience in the smallest room”.

The gadget, which costs around $99, or £54, merges an iPod docking station with a toilet roll dispenser.

Wow, life is so frantic that we can’t hide for a few minutes to take care of personal business. We always have to be engaged, connected, watching, listening, spinning the motor of our brain.

Sales pros, we can go a couple directions with this lesson. Do we talk about energy, rest & recovery? It’s a theme you’ve noticed in the past here. Not today, today it’s this…

What do you do “with” your spare time, not “in” your spare time?

“With” implies control, “in” implies you fall into your spare time, like a trap.

How many books do you own, which you’ve never read, that might offer you some ideas that translate into dollars when you sell?

How many cds, dvds and tapes fall into the same category?

Take charge of your time and turn it into education that pays off.

This might mean reading, listening and watching. In fact, you could put much of your content on your iPod or mp3 player to learn on the fly or while resting around work hours. Control of your time might also refer to finding a mentor and engaging in dialogue that nourishes and enriches you.

Be wise WITH your spare time, and you can keep your sales out of the toilet.

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