It’s too Cold to Golf

A golf pro was approached by two women.

“Do you wish to learn to play the game, ma’am?” he asked one.

“Oh no,” she said. “It’s my friend who wants to learn. I learned yesterday.”

DOH! So how long does it take to learn to sell?

Come on, say an answer out loud.

Really? You think?

See, anyone can learn the elements of selling. That there is some process to the interactions. That prospects hide from us and blow up that process. That you need tough skin. And all the rest.

But to really learn you need tons of interactions with buyers.

And the smart reps shortcut that a bit (but just a little) with tons of interactions with sales mentors, coaches or training experiences.

Go out there for a month and really, really, really increase your dialogues and contacts. See if it doesn’t speed up your trip to selling success.

You probably won’t hit a lot of holes in one, but you’ll win more matches over time, in shorter time, by sheer experience.

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