Just Keep Swinging…

I’m camping this past summer, a Dads and Sons thing, and one of the fathers in my cabin is talking about his internship job that was part of his effort to earn his Master’s Degree.

Bruce’s job is to keep an old bell tower clean.

“How do I do that?” he asks his professor who promptly hands him a tennis racquet.

“It’ll be obvious,” is the reply.

A good answer from a teacher who wants the student to figure things out, rather than hand-feed him knowledge.

It’s the first evening and the first bat leaves its perch to fly out for food.

You got it! His job is to swat bats out of the air before they foul the stairs and floors with their, well, uh, you know.

Bruce gave up counting after killing 600 bats.

So he got his degree, and with it a case of tennis elbow.

Sales lesson? What activities in your day require endless plodding? Is it a quota of phone calls?

There are times when seemingly endless activity can bore us, when in fact it lays the foundation for getting in front of warm and hot prospects.

So be encouraged by those stretches of hard, repetitive activity. Just keep swinging and you’ll earn your advanced degree in selling and accolades from the team, the company and your industry.

Just keep swinging.

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