Kidnapped Songbirds and Selling

Nov. 6, 2007 — Tiny songbirds caught midway through their annual migration and shipped three thousand kilometers away could figure out which way to fly to reach their winter nesting grounds, a study released Monday found.

Researchers trapped 30 white-crowned sparrows as they made their annual migration from breeding grounds in Alaska to winter nesting sites in the southwestern United States and Mexico.

These birds were taken 2,200 miles off course and released. They got right back on track. This included mature sparrows as well as young who had never made the migration!

How well do you keep your selling on track?

How well do you know right where you are and exactly where you have to go?

Great sales pros have fantastic focus. They let nothing keep them from their ultimate destination, that trip to the bank.

So when distractions arise (and they will) and whether they are minor or major interruptions, know what your goal is and head right back, in the right direction, and you’ll land safe and sound in the nest of success.

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