Kids! (and how they can help you sell)

Bekah, my youngest, has a loose tooth. My faithful readers might recall my poor, but amusing, parenting blunder “Forgetting the Tooth Fairy” from and earlier post (

So last night we heard that Bekah got advice from school friends on how to rid herself of the tooth. I have no idea if this is true, but a couple kids said they tied a shoelace to the tooth, then threw the shoe across the room!

There’s an image that’ll stay in your mind’s sight for a while.

You have to love how kids think. They’re creative and every idea is met with joy, enthusiasm and laughter. “Really, Dad! They really threw the shoe.” Big grin follows the words.

Younger brains and bodies can refresh your soul. I love the blend of salespeople at every conference to which I present. From the young rookies to the grumpy old men pros, the blend of personalities play off one another – the newbies adding excitement, while the older reps tossing wisdom and skill into the mix.

You and I both need to hang out with a kid a couple times a week, just to lighten our spirits. Watch how they do things wrong, while learning, and laugh. For example, ever see six year olds playing soccer? Twelve little bodies clustered within three feet of the ball, kicking each other more than the object they’re meant to move.

Little ones in action can lift our spirits and that calms our souls, making us better salespeople and just better people.

Go, interact with or observe a little one today. And get your fix of refreshment.

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