Leaving Las Vegas

I’m at the airport, at the gate, about to head home.

Two announcements come over the loudspeaker.

“Will passengers (three names) please come to their gate? The door is about to close for our Denver departure.” My gate agent explains how people jump on the slot machines right by their gates and lose track of time, location and, of course, their money. They then miss their flights, gates 75-100 feet away.

The next announcement:

“Will the gentleman who left his false teeth and hearing aid on the counter, please return to the men’s room? If you can hear me!”

You can’t make this stuff up.

So here’s your sales thought from my final moments in Vegas…

Where are you? What will you be doing, right after reading these notes?

Keep your focus and you won’t spend your selling life wondering where you are.

With a client? Remember where you are and your purpose for being there.

Working on lead generation at the office? Do it, until you’re finished.

Taking time to get better at your profession? Sharpen the ax and go put your learning into play.

Keep your focus.

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