Mike Tyson & Selling

“Everyone has a plan, until you punch them in the face.”

Mike Tyson quote per ESPN 1-07-2009

Okay sales pros, buyers have their own plan for navigating the purchasing process. You have a plan for proving you’re their best choice.

Who gets to put their process into play?

Sales reps who set the rules of engagement – and gain buyer agreement for those rules – are significantly more successful than reps who show up and wing it or just pitch a memorized presentation.

This strategy, based on powerful psychology, is called a Behavior Contract. Counselors use it to attain change in the actions and attitudes of their patients. Isn’t that exactly what we want to do when we sell?

While I teach this in depth during the internationally-recognized Sales Autopsy Training Experience (a Selling Power Magazine Sales Excellence Awards Finalist), here is the strategy in brief…

Ask for a time commitment.

Ask for open, honest dialogue.

Ask for closure to end the meeting. Closure means getting agreement to buy, a definite no (that’s a goodbye), or a planned next step.

This is THE SINGLE BEST STRATEGY that exists in sales today.

You want the language you use to reflect your personality, but the steps are always the same.

This is difficult, initially, to implement, but well worth the time invested to adopt in every prospect dialogue.

Contact me for details on this fascinating and potent practice.

You use this idea and you’ll rarely get knocked out, ala Mike Tyson, from a sales call!

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