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World’s smallest football pitch
German scientists have created the world’s smallest football pitch using nanotechnology.

Physicists from Kaiserslautern University created the 500 by 380 nanometres field, which has all the details and markings of a real pitch.

The nano-pitch is so small that 20,000 of them could be put onto the tip of a single human hair.It can only be viewed using a powerful electron microscope.

Nice to know that science is spending it’s time, energy and money improving the human condition.

Take a brief microscopic view of your sales career. Are you attending to the tiny pieces of the sales puzzle that add up to success?

What little things might you improve upon? Specific language to use selling on the phone or face-to-face? Better time managment? What is it that the mad scientist in you can tweak, in order to better your performance on the sales field?

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