My 2nd Grade Teacher & Selling

No, the beautiful Mrs. Schumacher did not inspire me to a career in our profession. In fact, I only remember one thing she taught during that year…

“When you butter your toast, you don’t have to coat the bread to every corner.” (back then you learned manners as well as math)

So I’m thinking of Mrs. S today as I plop my toast on a plate and begin to smear butter across the coarse, lunar-like surface.

And I think, “NO! I’m not going to be frugal with my butter. I’m successful. I can afford it. I can put all the butter, then all the jam, then all the jalapeno peppers on my toast that I want (just checking if you’re still with me on the last one).”

And I smear too much of everything, too far across my morning meal.

So how’s your attitude on your performance?

Do you treat yourself, often, to reinforce that you’re doing well and deserve some goodies?

I like that my teacher taught us to be frugal. And I do believe every sales pro should have a personal budget and be able to live within their means.

But I do like rewards and bet you do as well.

And you definitely earned the right to treat yourself a little more than you have been doing up until today.

So butter yourself up big – you deserve it!

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