My Garbage Guy Hurt his Back

This guy is older and has that weathered look. He smokes and he’s a tough, hard, hard worker.

Garbage Truck.jpeg

His company, Waste Management, needed volunteers to go to the Gulf Coast and help with Hurricane Katrina cleanup. Who better to help with a disaster than a guy who cleans up for a living? Off he went.

So hard worker, soft heart.

Then he hurt his back. And kept working. His comment about keeping at his job?

“I’m just not like these young kids who hurt a finger and go on long term disability.”

This faithful attitude is missing from today’s marketplace. And it doesn’t matter where the trouble lies – company side of the equation or lack of loyalty on the part of employees – each of us should feel responsible to give 100% to any task or job they have right now.

When you sell, are you working every possible moment to maximize your earnings?

Or do you slow down, take shorcuts and turn into a tourist from your profession?

Give everything, every day. You might be surprised how much more money you can make.

Take my garbage truck driver’s route. You just might find more prospects will dump more gold into your lap.

And wouldn’t that smell sweet?

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