NBA Finals Cold Calling Lesson

Congrats to the Miami Heat for winning the NBA Championship, with a bit of help (okay, lots of help) from the guys in striped shirts. Dwayne Wade was fantastic, but the refs helped him to the free throw line constantly, turning fantastic to spectacular.

But something really strange happened to Heat guard Gary Payton who is the biggest loudmouth and trash talker of all time. He dribbled up the floor and passed the ball to a teammate, then turned to start jawing with an official.

So Payton is yelling at the referee – just as his teammate returns the ball to him and, as Payton is engaged in speaking to someone else, the ball hits him in the back. The defender grabs it and takes off the other way.

A player who talks during a game like this is incredibly selfish. There is plenty of time to talk to the official, during stoppage of play. Does Payton think that the ref has nothing to do during play? The ref is going to be interrupted from watching ten guys who, in this age are built like football players, and are just as physical?

The two-fold parallel between Gary Payton’s actions and a bad salesperson are scary.

1) Bad reps talk too much and so sell themselves and their products poorly, and

2) Payton interrupting a man from his job is just like a cold-calling clown, implying that the individual is not busy and open to interruption. It’s as if the rep says, “hey you must not be too successful, just sitting around waiting for me to show up unannounced.”

Don’t “Gary Payton” your prospects. Learn to listen and only cold call if it’s forced down your throat by management. Cold-calling is almost always done poorly and is often an act of desperation.

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