Noise vs. No Noise

Have you ever heard a song of silence?

In 1952, 4’33”, a piece by avant-garde composer John Cage in which the performer’s silence elevated the incidental noise of the concert hall to the status of music, had its debut in New York.

So a composer’s orchestra sits silently for four minutes and thirty-three seconds and that’s music? That’s art? Strange, but useful, if you think about it…

When do you STOP and let silence work on your head?

A great practice for all business professionals is to take time daily to get away from work, reading, watching and listening and just sit in silence.

You’ll find creative thoughts begin to move about your brain. Solutions to problems can surface. You’ll recover strength and energy for the rest of the day.

So take 4’33” sometime today and see how it nourishes you.

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