Nutcracker Season & Sales Manager Nerves

Took the family to see the classic Christmas play Nutcracker, performed by the Chicago Civic Ballet this weekend.

If you recall the story, it’s the 1800s and at the holiday, a famous toymaker gifts a girl with this wooden toy soldier. His jaws are built to crack nuts and her jealous big brother snatches, throws and breaks the present.

That night the young girl dreams this fantastical experience, comparable to the drug-induced Alice in Wonderland saga. During the night, the gal travels the world and meets bizarre, unique and foreign characters, all who can dance like professional ballerinas. The strangest moment occurs where mice are battling soldiers and the “mouse king” appears – with seven mouse heads on his shoulders. Classic chemical encountering brain matter stuff.

Highly recommended, but by now you’re wanting the sales lesson or more detail or a little of what she had.

The reason our little ballerina star dreams is because she is anxious that her Nutcracker soldier will not be repaired from his disastrous collision with the floor.

Your sales managers are having the same dreams this time of year. Because 2007 looms near and they need to know how well you’ll perform or how badly you’re broken.

Remember that YOU ARE ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SUCCESS, not your company or boss.

Any part of your self that needs fixing? Perhaps your legs need to be stronger – to walk your way through more prospects. Maybe your eyes could be strengthened to see the value (or lack of it) in each of those prospects. Or your jaw might be broken, in that your command of influential language might be missing or limited to a few predictable phrases.

“Be the best you can be” is the soldier’s message. How are you doing on the selling battlefield? Can your manager count on you to blow into 2007 and take your marketplace by storm? Work hard today and you can attend your victory dance tomorrow.

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