Observation Deck

Look down on your world as a great learning ground.

Start to become super-sensitive to selling techniques in use by EVERYBODY you interact with. This includes personal relationships where friends and family are attempting to persuade or motivate others to take some action.

See how the little kids beg, again and again? There are times where that is actually appropriate. “Can we go to the zoo? I want to visit the elephants. I really like the popcorn there. Please, mom and dad, please?”

Hear how salespeople you encouter use benefits, benefits, benefits to push you to purchase. “We’re the best, biggest, oldest…” (actually these are features)

Notice how many other people ask by giving their own reasons to get you to do something. “I really want to see this movie…”

What works? You can do a couple things, just respond as you see fit, or coach the person on how to use language that better motivates others.

By increasing your sensitivity to how others sell well or don’t, you can become more aware of how you might need to better attend to your word choices.

Take the next few days to learn during your normal life inside and outside work, see if you don’t improve your performance over the next few weeks.

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