In July, Cory Neddermeyer, 42, was turned down for unemployment benefits in Iowa, after a judge ruled that he was fired for cause. His employer, the Amaizing Energy ethanol plant, suffered a massive spill that created a pond of fuel alcohol, and Neddermeyer (a recovering alcoholic), after resisting as long as he could, gave in and started drinking from the pool (causing him to pass out and later register an 0.72 blood-alcohol reading). [Des Moines Register, 7-9-06]
Let’s look at obsessions. Are they good or bad?

Could be both, right? If activities related to things with which you are infatuated are destructive, that’s bad.

If your fascination with something helps you to absorb every bit of data and this leads to expertise on a subject related to work or a hobby, that’s good.

So control is the real issue here.

And good judgement.

What do you have a “sweet tooth” for?

Is it helping or hurting your goal to become a true expert in your profession?

Your obsessions – will you embrace them or let them go?

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