Selling & Basketball

November 7th, 2006

An interview with publishing icon from Selling Power Magazine, Gerhard Gschwandtner and Dan Seidman of

How does a competitive athlete bring skills to the selling table that are crucial to success?

One thing Selling Power did was to edit out my most embarrassing experience on the basketball court – from Senior Day, the last home game of my college career. We’ll get to that tale tomorrow.

Free Education!

November 6th, 2006

Yale University to post courses on Web for free:

Course work and videos are available, pretty cool. We can go two directions with this thought – 1) quick moment on sales reps’ education, or 2) a briefer moment on educating prospects. Lets focus on up and coming customer conversations.

When I speak at national sales conferences, I’m often told that a company’s initial purpose in interacting with potential clients is to educate them.

This is tragic thinking, sales buddies.

Do you think prospects aren’t educating themselves by researching online or ordering literature from you (after which they hide behind voicemail forever – or longer)?

Your job is not to educate, but to motivate others.

Sales managers, write this down, copy and paste it, tattoo it on your reps’ foreheads.

Your job is not to educate, but to motivate others.

Motivate them to buy, to set another appointment, to say no. Just motivate them to do something that advances or eliminates the sale.

You can take that thinking to the bank. See you there?

Selling Power Live!

November 3rd, 2006

See Dan Seidman interviewed by publishing industry icon Gerhard Gschwandtner:

Taco Bell Pack Rats

November 2nd, 2006

In August, about a dozen masked men lugged six 40-gallon trash bags full of sauce packets into the Taco Bell on South Western Avenue in Marion, Ind., leaving a note explaining that they had been accumulating them for a while and decided to give them back. They suspected they had 25,000 packets. (Taco Bell said it hands out about 6 billion a year.) [Chronicle Tribune (Grand County, Ind.), 8-10-06]

Funny incident, funny imagery, funny that it might be a sad reflection on the dangers of accumulation in our lives.

We pack rat stuff in our office and in our brains. This might include manuals of training programs we never applied (oh, that would be something that never made it to our brain); old thinking/strategies that don’t work with prospects like the past; even piles of papers we see daily, but will never look at again.

What do you need to get rid of the most?

Is it a physical cleanup, to feel better, to better find things you need?

Is it a mental cleanup, to gain healthy thinking that leads to a wealthy lifestyle?

Why not take a moment and inventory your pack rat accumulation of “debris” and figure out what needs to go.

And please don’t send any of it to me.

The Day after Halloween

November 1st, 2006

You know what today is?

The day we start sorting out candy!

The great stuff – yeah!!! This isn’t for the kids. I’m hiding this for Wendy & I. Ooh, Twix? I’m hiding this from Wendy.

Okay stuff – I’ll take to work.

Junky stuff – I didn’t even know they made this anymore. I’ll just throw it outside and feed it to the squirrels.

Then there are those little boxes of raisins. Kids eat ‘em, but compared to candy, today they’re squirrel bait.

My kids love raisins. They don’t eat candy, never have. The wife and I aren’t weird, just conscious of health and energy and how sugar can create flying, screaming, miniature monsters.

How well do you manage your energy through your selling day?

Do you crash after lunch? Are you a morning person, afternoon person?

Good habits, good eating produces smooth steady effort and actually gives you more minutes to your day.

And more productive minutes translates into increased performance and commissions.

More money is like the great stuff, the best candy. Lost time is like the junky stuff – it’s worthless.

So don’t be a squirrel brain.

Eat well and you’ll sell better. You know it’s true, so when will you act on that truth?

Scary Sales Tales!!!

October 31st, 2006


Today, get the special 22 free downloads when you buy Sales Autopsy, the book, at

Hilarious selling blunders, great lessons, unique sales strategies. Must read book for sales pros across the planet!

Here are incredible tales of salespeople who have crashed and burned in front of prospects;

– billy goats crushing rep’s cars
– salesmen drinking slurpies before a meeting and walking in with lips, teeth and tongues colored both green and red; looking like circus clowns
– the rep who mistook a company President’s wife for John Madden
– the two sales guys who, in a rush to get to a call, steal a car
– and the author’s own blunder, setting fire to a banquet table in a room of 3,000 prospects

Details at

Evil Prospects for Halloween…

October 30th, 2006

Want some fun, some revenge on the horrible prospects who torment us throughout the year?

Check out the video game, Revenge of the Reps at

The first level is wildy unique, funny and free. Point at prospects who offer nasty objections like, “I hate salespeople, my ex-husband was one,” and “I’d like to see you – on the cover of a milk carton,” or “I wouldn’t buy from you or your ancestors.”

Then zap ’em!

Go let off some steam, get a laugh, get even!

Observation Deck

October 27th, 2006

Look down on your world as a great learning ground.

Start to become super-sensitive to selling techniques in use by EVERYBODY you interact with. This includes personal relationships where friends and family are attempting to persuade or motivate others to take some action.

See how the little kids beg, again and again? There are times where that is actually appropriate. “Can we go to the zoo? I want to visit the elephants. I really like the popcorn there. Please, mom and dad, please?”

Hear how salespeople you encouter use benefits, benefits, benefits to push you to purchase. “We’re the best, biggest, oldest…” (actually these are features)

Notice how many other people ask by giving their own reasons to get you to do something. “I really want to see this movie…”

What works? You can do a couple things, just respond as you see fit, or coach the person on how to use language that better motivates others.

By increasing your sensitivity to how others sell well or don’t, you can become more aware of how you might need to better attend to your word choices.

Take the next few days to learn during your normal life inside and outside work, see if you don’t improve your performance over the next few weeks.

Scary Trees

October 26th, 2006

A young agriculture student wanted to go to college and study to be a tree surgeon but had to give it up because he couldn’t stand the sight of sap.

What are you afraid of when you sell?

Is it prospecting activity? Resistant prospects? Working hard and long to sell, only to have a bad ending – no sale?

Make a list of the three things that make you nervous and go get coaching or ask someone for help on dealing with them.

Most salespeople and entrepreneurs have a couple of pieces of the selling puzzle that they not quite figured out. These problems can stand as big as redwood trees in your path to sales success.

Make that list, then get advice from an expert or experienced sales pro – to enrich the soil that is your brain. And see how fast you can grow.

Fantasy Politics & Selling Reality…

October 25th, 2006

Through, people can use play money to buy or sell shares of a candidate based on the player’s expectation of the politician’s success at the polls. has amassed about 1,000 registered users from 50 states and 24 countries. It had captured 150,000 page views through Sept. 28 (2006).

I’d previously offered some blog thoughts about a fantasy fishing league:

Wow, it’s not enough that our imaginations can run wild with video games and movies that are more special effects than living people, plants and animals?

Let’s re-visit a theme: How do you spend, invest, waste your spare time?

Are you reading and listening to content that can improve performance in the selling battlefield? Or are your brains dribbling out of your head in front of a TV every night while you lie to yourself (and others?) about your need to relax and de-tox from a tough day?

Don’t get me wrong, we need to escape, it’s just that you need to gain consensus from you, your brain and your bank account about discretionary expenditure of your time. Here’s a hint – if you’re not improving weekly, your tough days are all related to that lack of improvement.

I vote for improvement, knowledge and the joy of closing more clients.

What will you vote for?