Crabby Reps

October 24th, 2006

Tiny blue-shelled fiddler crabs change their color to avoid being eaten by predatory birds, researchers have discovered.

Scientists have long been intrigued by the crabs’ ability to change the color of their top shell from bright blue to a more subdued, muddy shade.

Great metaphor here for great sales pros! Flexibility might be the #1 factor that distinguishes top seller from bottom feeders.

Can you adapt to different conditions and different prospects with different needs? Later we’ll cover an objection-handling strategy I teach that will give you six or more responses to every form of verbal pushback you get to your offering.

Got flexibility? Go be a blue-shelled fiddler crab and change colors as you encounter a variety of prospects.

Sales Autopsy Hits #1

October 19th, 2006

This week Dan Seidman’s new book, Sales Autopsy hit the #1 spot in the Barnes & Noble Business category (total category, not just sales & marketing)!

It sits atop Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Selling, Marcus Buckinghams’ classic Now Discover your Strengths, Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits & Good to Great by Jim Collins.

That’s good company!

Thank you to everyone who bought the book and those who continue to buy it:

And those of you who confessed your stories are a huge part of the Sales Autopsy success!

The collective brainpower – and buying power – of sales pros, managers and prospects everywhere provide us with the firepower to succeed.

Where will you next succeed?


Dan Seidman
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Bad Reps, Bad Golfers, Silent Prospects

October 18th, 2006

The president of an exclusive country club was watching golfers tee off on his first tee. He noticed a man addressing the ball ten feet in front of the markers.

“I say there,” called the president, “you’re supposed to put your ball behind those markers when you tee off.”

The golfer ignored him.

“Don’t hit the ball there,” the president shouted.  “Put it behind the markers!”

The golfer looked up and said, “Mister, I’ve been a member of this snooty club for 3 years, and you are the first person who’s spoken to me. But if you’re going to talk to me, I wish you would not do it while I’m addressing the ball. For your information, although it’s none of your business, this is my second shot.”

Okay, salespeople, what if prospects won’t deal with you, speak to you, reply to literature and emails because you’re just embarrassingly bad?

And it’s not that you’re not a good salesperson. It might be that, in contrast to your competition, you appear mediocre (or worse).

One of the things that perplexes me most is how those of us in sales (and entrepreneurs with selling responsibilities) just won’t invest in getting better.

Remember grousing about classes you took in high school? For example, “When am I ever going to use calculus in the real world?”

Well, today you can take classes you will use in the real world. And you can quantify a return on your time and money investment (a perfect term, by the way).

Go find great training. You might also find more prospects talking to you because you can drive the conversation, like a well-struck golf ball, farther than others who sell.


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October 17th, 2006

Today, Tuesday, October 17th, 2006 we are sending out around 700,000 emails to sales pros and entrepreneurs to ask them to buy Sales Autopsy, my new book.

Buyers will receive a bunch of goodies from sales authorities across the planet. Details are here: SalesAutopsy_cF.jpg

But you must buy the book from Barnes & Noble online. See that url above for details on how to do that and receive your gifts.

The Sales Autopsy book reveals 50 of my funniest sales horror stories out of over 600 collected. The postmortems reveal seven critical strategies that sales pros must employ in order to distinguish themselves from anyone else who sells. This is not only hilarious reading, but insightful and useful coaching for you.

Please buy the book, you probably need to buy the book, buy now you know this is something that can help you take more money home to your family…


Dan Seidman

Today, Please Think About Tomorrow

October 16th, 2006

Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 17th, we are running a Barnes & Noble best-seller campaign for my new book Sales Autopsy.

SalesAutopsy_cF.jpg (link to go live later today, Monday)

Buyers of the book, TOMORROW, will get a load of free gifts, downloadable audio files, e-books and more from over a dozen sales experts.

Why, you might ask, are we working with Barnes & Noble, rather than Amazon?Couple reasons this is a BN campaign; BN is doing a big brick and mortar co-op program with my publisher, Kaplan. Also, for over a month, Amazon has “lost” the cover image of Sales Autopsy and it’s not on the book page. How a company in the business of showing pictures of its products can lose a picture is baffling to all of us. In addition, they have some sort of “que,” like going to the back of the line, that is delaying the insertion of the second image Kaplan sent.

Silly that a major publisher is treated this way while anyone who self-publishes can get their products up fairly fast.

The difference for you, as a buyer, is BN – 20% discount, Amazon – 30%. If someone is that cheap, I would think, as sales pros, that we’d be nervous about that kind of buyer/shopper. So for about a $1.90, someone doesn’t want the gifts?

When you think about it, dealing with good and bad decision-makers defines the life of a salesperson.

(You had to figure that, even with today’s post being an ad for the Sales Autopsy book, I’d still sneak in a thought to sell by)

See you tomorrow at

2 for 1

October 13th, 2006

(don’t tell my wife I’m writing on this)

Can you believe how lucky a guy can get?

I’m looking under the kitchen sink where I’ve strategically placed a mouse trap.

It’s upside down which means I got one. I pick it up and two mice are dead on arrival, heads pinned beneath the trap, noses wedged into a glomp of peanut butter which they will never taste.

What are the chances that, in the instant the trap explodes, two of my wife’s enemies will be caught? I’ve never had it happen and I’ve been catching mice since before my ant vs. the magnifying glass days.

Here’s the sales thought – sometimes you just get lucky. Sometimes you close a sale unexpectedly. Sometimes, out of the blue, a sale falls into your lap.

For all the skills and strategies and activity you build into your selling life, there is that element of chance that grants you a wish, a taste of peanut butter. That same element of chance can snatch away a sure sale when a low-ball offer sinks you or someone changes their mind or a hot prospect dies.

So just rejoice in your good fortune, when it smiles on you. Think of all the hard work you’ve put into your career and how many times you wanted a happy ending. It happened today and you caught yourself a real live new customer. Today you deserve it.

Seeing Red

October 12th, 2006

It’s dinner time with the family and Bekah, 6, is hiding a piece of paper under the table. She has a surprise for Mom & Dad.

“Tada!” She announces and waves her spelling test in our faces. 10 words, 8 wrong.

The paper had so much red on it, you’d have thought they slaughtered a chicken in class.

Wendy and I stare at the splashes of red marker, black print and pencil as Bekah bursts out laughing.

“I really messed up this one, Mom and Dad.”

“You’re not upset? Wendy asks. And our little first grader says no.

So as a parent you’re thinking “is this an okay response?” I am actually kind of proud that she’s not devastated by a low score. It reflects a strong self image.

And as a sales rep or coach or manager you might be thinking, “is this response worth replicating? Can I model my attitude and self-talk after a six-year old’s bad experience?”

You know what I’m going to say.

Yes! Your mental health in selling is directly related to how you respond to trouble and how quickly your respond in a manner which reflects a great self image.

Take it from Bekah, a hearty laugh at trouble can drain the black out of it. Out of the mouths of babes…

So when you’re seeing red, think blue skies ahead and green grass around the next prospect and gold in the bank.

Excited about Selling?

October 11th, 2006

Check out this incredible story from the Discovery Channel…

Gas Turbine Engine Fits on a Chip

Oct. 10, 2006 — A tiny gas-turbine engine that fits on a quarter could replace batteries currently used to power laptops, cell phones, radios, and perhaps even home generators.The micro-engine, being developed by a team led by Alan Epstein, a professor of aeronautics and astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, could provide five times as much power as a laptop battery for the same cost.”My laptop battery now runs my computer for about three hours before recharging. A micro-engine power system — engine plus fuel — with the same weight as the battery should run the laptop for 15 to 20 hours before refueling,” said Epstein.The engine works on the same principle as a jet engine: a compressor sucks in air from the outside and compresses the air. Fuel injectors add fuel to the compressed air and the mixture gets ignited. (Epstein’s engine will run on a variety of fuel, including kerosene, propane, ethanol, methanol or hydrogen.)

HUGE “WOW” HERE! Big time “you’ve got to be kidding, that’s amazing” thoughts running through my head.
How’d you like to be the rep selling something that exciting and new and innovative?

The energy that comes with presenting something like this should be part of the energy you bring to the job every day.

While false enthusiasm can put off prospects, genuine passion really is respected by your buyers.

So get your motor running and show the world what a great product you offer. It’s just what this planet needs.

The Psychology of Surprise

October 10th, 2006

I woke up, woke up my wife, woke up my kids, then got them ready for school and her ready for work (okay, not exactly what happened, but you get the picture).

Walking outside to meet the school bus we encounter a giant wooden stork on the lawn with a sign congratulating me on my new baby – Sales Autopsy (the new book –


It was from my wife’s parents. A great surprise – funny, unexpected, yet a perfect metaphor for bringing a book to life – birth.

How do you surprise your clients and prospects?

You can send a message that you care and are fun to do business with and are a creative soul by offering something to delight the hearts of your clients and potential clients.

I’ve created a Sales Comic Book (, a video game Revenge of the Reps (, and I regularly email unusual news items that keep me top of mind of the people who feed my family.

What can you do to surprise someone today?

Pumpkin Selection and Selling

October 9th, 2006

I’m with the family yesterday at this gigantic pumpkin farm (the farm was gigantic, not necessarily the pumpkins).

We hop on flatbeds pulled by a tractor with about 40 other people and crawl our way to a massive field of pumpkins. Since each acre can yield several thousand of the rounded Halloween artifacts, we were staring at 100,000 or more orange squash.

Fifteen minutes later everyone is back on board with their treasure – except a family of five who can’t decide which pumpkin each one wants.

Now you basically have 100,000 to choose from (minus the rotten ones or ones that have been pecked by birds or the ones that are not quite ripe). And Mr. Dad and Mrs. Mom can’t help their kids make a decision.

So we drove off, left them waiting for the next train to arrive.

Does that family remind you a bit too much of many of your prospects?

Your job in selling is to help people come to a decision. Get them to say yes! Get them to say no! (so you can go away and find someone else to work with). Get them to say let’s meet again!

“I’ll think it over and get back to you…” is NOT a decision.

This indecision will destroy you mentally and physically as you wonder and dream and wish that those prospects would just make up their minds.

Help them pick the pumpkin, that’s your job in every interaction of your selling day.