Pardon the Interruption

In a wild video, you can see drivers at a race in Australia swerving to miss a kangaroo who begins bounding about the track.

How’s that for a dramatic interruption to the workday of a race car driver?

Guess how this is relevant to your sales role?

Your job is to interrupt their days as well.

Smart sellers know their phone calls break into the lives of prospects. The trick, the smart way to do this is to bust into the brain of a buyer without antagonizing him or her.

One of several approaches I suggest is to open with a comment like, “This is an interruption you’ll be grateful for later.” Then tell the decision-maker how you’ve solved problems for others they should recognize, and want some talk time to make your magic work for them as well.

So your job is to interrupt their day, without wrecking the relationship.

Once you believe that, and act on it, you’ll leap hard and high and kangaroo-like toward greater success.

See you at the finish line.

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