Photography, Cooking and Sales

An amateur photographer was invited to a dinner and brought a few photographs.

The host looked at them and commented “These are very good – you must have an excellent camera.”

Later in the evening, as the photographer was leaving, he turned to the host and said, “That was a delicious meal. You must have some excellent pots.”

So, who gets credit for your performance?

It might be you – your skills, behavior and persuasiveness. But there’s probably more;

It’s your training,

And your mentors,

And your products,

And your company,

And the books you’ve read, audios you’ve heard, conferences you’ve attended,

And more – much, much more.

Did you notice anything on this list that has been missing from your selling career? Let’s go get it added right away, and find out how high and how far you can go.

Just imagine a photograph of your success – perhaps a picture of you and friends and family eating at the finest restaurant you can afford. All because you realized how many things must come together to achieve excellence in performance.

(Thanks to my good friend and selling brother, Gregory Ferrett from the “Land down Under” for this joke –

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