Poorly-paid Insects

An entomologist at Cornell University (US) has worked out that the annual value of insect services in the US is around US$57 billion. Insect services include crop pollination and land cleaning. Ref: New Scientist (UK)

This means that outside the knowledge of over 300 million Americans, insects are doing work for us, and not getting paid. And they’re doing it without our permission.

So aside from the fact that some scientist at an Ivy League school probably got paid a few hundred thousand of our tax dollars to do this speculative research, there’s a lesson here for salespeople.

It’s related to a theme you’ll see continue to pop up here – on being grateful for what we have.

The lesson’s in a question:

Who is helping in the background?

Today is about going beyond the obvious. It’s not about the sales assistant or marketing team or anyone you’re closely aligned with in your selling day.

Let’s make it about the other people with whom you have limited contact who support you. Internally, it might be accounting/finance and HR people. Externally, it might be suppliers or the actual manufacturers of the products you sell.

Why not sit down in a team meeting or at a networking group or by yourself. And identify who is in the background, contributing to your success.

Then thank them.

Look at it this way, the roses you can afford to send to those insects were somehow nurtured and grown by them before you even got there.

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