Pour Water on his Head

I called a friend whose kids are close to my kids.

Her six-year old Lane answers the phone, “Can I help you?”

I know that her eight-year old brother sleeps late. So I tell the little girl, “Lane, I want you to fill a glass with water and go into Nolan’s bedroom and pour it on his head.” She has no idea who I am.

“Okay.” The little voice answers.

I repeat my instructions again, adding I’ll call back in a few minutes to see that she’s done as she’s been told.

Three minutes later she answers the phone and I hear laughter. The whole family is expecting this followup call (except Nolan who is asleep).

Evidently mom asked Lane who was on the phone and why she was filling a water glass.

The little girl told her what happened and mom removed the liquid weapon from her daughter’s hands.

Mom got on the phone and said, “Dan, is that you?” Isn’t it nice when your reputation precedes you? Mom has a great sense of humor and wasn’t at all angry.

Who do you take orders from as an entrepreneur or salesperson?

There might be managers above your head, but I hope you also take orders from your heart.

Your heart encourages you to sell with integrity. It prods you to give 100% to your job, because that’s the best way to maximize your potential. Your heart also knows how to best respond to tough prospects and good clients.

Stop doing all your thinking with your head and start again to take orders from your heart.

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