Poverty of Vision

December 1st was AIDs Awareness Day.

While attending services at mega-church Willow Creek I saw an interview with a woman who works in Malawi, Africa – focusing on the AIDs crisis.

Imagine this in your back yard…

1 million people infected with the disease.

20% chance that a child won’t reach 5 years of age.

Serious deforestation because of the constant, overwhelming need for lumber – to build coffins.

The AIDs worker said the most serious problem, however, was “poverty of vision.” The people are unable to see that things can be better. So they resign themselves to their terrible fate. And despair reins.

Even in our wealthy country, we can see plenty of “poverty of vision.”

How about you?

Are you resigned to mediocrity as a salesperson?

Or do you believe, can you see, do you like the sound of the idea that things can be better?

This is a simple decision, this poverty of vision. You either buy into it or reject it.

What will you do, now that we’ve identified a stumbling block on your path to success?

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