Power Selling, Power Napping

And, finally, as reported recently in the Seattle Times
and elsewhere, researchers have found that people who take at least three daytime naps a week cut their risk of dying from a heart attack by nearly 40 percent. Naps lower stress and are therefore good for the heart, a team of American and Greek researchers found. Their study appeared in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

A key component in success for both athletes and sales pros is an ability to adopt rest and recovery elements to their day.

You know EXACTLY when you need this, too – don’t you? You know right when the tank is empty and you need to back off driving full speed and stop to refuel. This refueling does not mean caffeine or sugar. It’s about stopping to rest, in order to energize for the stretch run of your day.

Maybe it’s a nap, maybe it’s not. Perhaps you can take a walk, or get into a fun book for a few minutes. Even a snack break and your lunch can serve to disconnect from the drama that builds into a selling day.

How will you work on rest and recovery? There’s a big pay-off in extra energy for the rest of your day.

Don’t be a dummy when it comes to stamina and strength. Again, you know you need this, so act on it, today.

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