Pumpkin Selection and Selling

I’m with the family yesterday at this gigantic pumpkin farm (the farm was gigantic, not necessarily the pumpkins).

We hop on flatbeds pulled by a tractor with about 40 other people and crawl our way to a massive field of pumpkins. Since each acre can yield several thousand of the rounded Halloween artifacts, we were staring at 100,000 or more orange squash.

Fifteen minutes later everyone is back on board with their treasure – except a family of five who can’t decide which pumpkin each one wants.

Now you basically have 100,000 to choose from (minus the rotten ones or ones that have been pecked by birds or the ones that are not quite ripe). And Mr. Dad and Mrs. Mom can’t help their kids make a decision.

So we drove off, left them waiting for the next train to arrive.

Does that family remind you a bit too much of many of your prospects?

Your job in selling is to help people come to a decision. Get them to say yes! Get them to say no! (so you can go away and find someone else to work with). Get them to say let’s meet again!

“I’ll think it over and get back to you…” is NOT a decision.

This indecision will destroy you mentally and physically as you wonder and dream and wish that those prospects would just make up their minds.

Help them pick the pumpkin, that’s your job in every interaction of your selling day.

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