Queen for a Day or More…

The Louisiana Association of Fairs and Festivals has pages which list all the queens of their events.


If you were to enter, you could try for the following “queenships;”

Shrimp & Petroleum, Meat, Shrimp (evidently without Petroleum), Family Fishing Rodeo, Swamp Pop Music, Pecan, Oyster, Crawfish, Swine, Loggers & Forestry, Fur & Wildlife, Honeybee, Duck or Tamale Queen.

There could be a festival every weekend in the state – where a competitor could land an award as the queen of some wildlife or food, perhaps with some toxic chemical thrown in.

What awards have you won, as an individual sales rep or for your product if you’re an entrepreneur or sales exec?

When SalesAutopsy.com went live, I looked for web awards online and applied for everything – Yahoo! site of the Day, Humor Site Award, even landed on the American Marketing Association Magazine as one of “Marketing’s Best Websites.”

Now I hunt for awards for my books or products. Because every time you land something worth crowing about a reporter or website is looking for content every day to help you shout to the world. The credibility and exposure are priceless and will land you exposure and business.

Right now Sales Autopsy is a finalist for Selling Power Magazine’s Top Sales Training Program of the Year. http://www.stevieawards.com/sales/

What award can you apply to – for yourself or your product and service?

Look for awards – that’s great guerrilla marketing!

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