Raising Kids & Selling

Anyone who’s raised kids has to admit that there is no definitive resource on all the aspects of bringing them up. So much of what we all do is an ongoing experiment. Here’s something I tried that paid off, and has application to your sales life.

When my kids woke up, my wife and I immediately began to play or engage with them. In essence, we taught them that waking up was fun. It was the start of a beautiful new day. It meant joy and community. By contrast, how many of us have seen and heard kids that start their day cranky and crying? It amazes me that we just never, ever had the joy of starting our day with loud, lamenting children.

How does your selling day begin?

Are you seeing each one as a launch into great opportunity? Even as you read this, you know that changing your thinking about starting your day will have a profound effect on productivity and attitude and understanding the value of relationships that surround you.

So tomorrow can be different, when you choose it to be. Let me know how your sales life changes, by starting quicker and healthier. Your experience can also benefit others when you share.

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