You can’t take it anymore. I can’t either.

You are sick of beastly buyers and pathetic prospects who hide behind voicemail, lie to you and generally make your sales life unbearable.

Even rejoicing in the misfortunes of other sales blunder victims in this book can’t get you past these professional parasites.

Would you feel better if I gave you a gift?

I have a prescription that can get you fit for work again. Fill it and be healed at


When you arrive there you will receive the tools to get revenge on these evil scoundrels. As you watch the streets in your territory fill up with prospects, notice how they toss nasty objections at you…

I won’t buy from you or your descendants

If you’d lower your price to match your IQ…

I would like to see you – on a milk carton

You sales vampires are sucking the blood out of buyers

Only buy American – Native American

I was frightened by a salesman at birth

You remind me too much of my mother

I need references; this time no relatives!

I need to talk to my spouse, partner, accountant, spirit guides

I hate salesmen, my ex-husband is one

That’s enough!

Pick up your giant mutant laser pointer and begin blasting away.

All the pressure you felt butting heads with buyers during cold calling and telemarketing will dissipate as these characters dramatically disappear from the screen.

This free, Xbox-quality graphic game was made just for you, compliments of me, your author.


No more lead generation nightmares, just justice and revenge at

(excerpt from Sales Autopsy by Dan Seidman)

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