Richest Man in the World

Forbes just published its annual list of the world’s wealthiest men.

And my name wasn’t there. Didn’t notice your name either.

And sorry, ladies – none of your fellow females made the top ten, but there are 99 billionaire women as noted here:

So how do you attain income like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates and the new #2 Carlos Slim Helu, Mexican media mogul (Bill got bounced from #1 to #3)?

These guys are very smart. These guys work very hard. And these guys surround themselves with other smarter, harder working people.

And since you’re not born smart, and there is no “hard worker” gene (unless your mother was a queen bee), you can be encouraged to know that ANYONE CAN GET ON THIS LIST.

So what are you doing today to get smarter?

Oh, you’re watching television 4 hours a day? Right, that’ll do it.

And what are you doing to work harder?

Investing 4 hours a day into television?

Okay sales pros – a conscious decision to improve yourself is followed by action that reflects your desires.

But the real trick is to tell someone, create an accountability partner to kick you in the tail when you fall short of your desired changes.

At least I didn’t decide to preach about my really, really smart friend who is married with a kid and doesn’t own a television.

How about today? Is today a good day to start?

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