Runners on 1st and 3rd…

I’m coaching the basepaths on my son’s little league team. We have runners on 1st and 3rd when our batter hits the ball to the pitcher.

The boy on the base in front of me breaks for home plate and I yell “Stop, come back!”

The pitcher turns and stares. There’s this big, collective “Oohhh!” from the crowd as parents realize, just as my runner realizes that…

He’s running home from first base!

I have no idea how the little nerve synapses misfired in little Matt’s mind, but I do know this – he was heading in the wrong direction and disastrous consequences were about to result.

How often do we waste time, irretrievable time, in our selling lives by heading in the wrong direction?

This includes chasing prospects who aren’t buying.

This includes each moment we employ sloppy time-management strategies.

This includes ignoring opportunities to improve our skills as sales pros.

Are you heading in the right direction for your career and income and family?

Or are you moments or months away from being out, out of the game, out of the money?

Choose your directions during the day and during your selling life and you’ll score plenty as a sales pro.

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