Sales Autopsy vs the Gay Parade

I was speaking at the big National Association of Health Underwriters ( conference this past weekend. My first session was a riot of funny stories, witty attendee comments and great learning moments.

So I was shocked when the second session had about 25% less people showing up.

Farren, the NAHU director of education, met me after the program and apologized, “I’m so sorry you had missing people there. The San Francisco Gay Pride Parade was going on outside the hotel and a bunch of our people heard the noise and headed out to watch.”

So I was competing with a parade! I caught the tail end of it myself, and even though most adults aren’t too big on parades anymore, this was something so unique and memorable, I couldn’t blame my people for no-showing on their training.

Here’s the tie-in to your sales life…

What are you competing with that you perhaps didn’t consider competition?

1. It could be unexpected circumstances that distract prospects, causing cancelled appointments.

2. It could be that you’re competing with reps who are better training – in skills and product knowledge – than you.

3. It could be that you’re competing, with not another firm selling what you sell, but a different expenditure of your prospect’s funds. For example, you want them to buy your product, but funds get funneled to hire another rep.
Good questions will reveal any potential surprises, like #1 and #3. Getting better at what you do will eliminate #2.

So what will you do?

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