Sales and Marriage

My mother, from time to time, puts on her wedding dress. Not because she’s sentimental. She just gets really far behind in her laundry. – Brian Kiley

Sales pros – married or not – what do you need to do, that you’ve been putting off?

Making a few phone calls to marginal prospects? Getting the training you need? What is it you’re not doing?

Procrastination is not a sales technique. So pick a strategy for dealing with that “thing.”

Do you just go full blast and just get it over with? Do you chip away and do little parts of that “thing?”

By completing that unfinished business, you tell yourself that you can complete anything, you can finish. And great sales reps are finishers. After all, isn’t finish another word for closing?

You’re married to this wonderful business, so don’t let anything stop you from becoming the best bride or groom possible. Go, get it done.

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