Sales Reps & Blowing up Banks

Japanese adults push their children to save more, but few are buying the piggy bank introduced by the TOMY Co. in November, because, if not fed with savings for a period of time, the bank just explodes, scattering the contents. [Agence France-Presse, 11-8-07]

Budgeting and money management is NEVER addressed in sales training. It is never taught by companies who invest bankloads of cash to train and inspire a sales force. And why not?

If you’re an entrepreneur or sales manager, wouldn’t you like your team to have better control of their finances?

Every smart business executive should bring someone in – to teach basic money and credit management strategies. That would be a big benefit to employees, sales reps, who deal with money daily.

Give them (or yourself, if you’re a rep who needs this) a healthy perspective on handling their own finances, before they even begin to ask prospects for funds.

Saving some money is like making some more. And you can take that advice to the bank.

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