Sales Reps, Clean up Your Act!

When I’ve managed sales teams, and in my coaching practice, I talk about how nutrition can affect performance.

So eating healthy and getting exercise AND GETTING REST is not just good advice from Mom. Here are a couple rules which will be expanded upon in a future book, or in my keynote, if you have a sales event and want to open it with humor and smart ideas for your team.

1) The WORST foods in the world are french fries and donuts. Anytime you eat something that is fried through and through your body cannot break it down, that is, digest it, unless you could get your internal temperature up to 300+ degrees and liquefy the oil which crystallized in the food. Don’t eat them, ever.

2) You eat for FUEL first, not for FUN. Be smart about what you put into your body and you’ll live longer and healthier. You know it’s true, so stop rationalizing about deserving and rewarding and all that crap. When you’re in fantastic shape, reward yourself with something fun (bad) once a week, but stop this ONCE A DAY garbage.

3) Get exercise at least 3 times a week, but 5 would be better. No excuses here! You can exercise in front of the TV (yes, that would be getting stronger while getting stupider) .

4) Rest and recovery are critical for your body’s health. Think of it as a wavy line – speeding up, working hard, slowing down, cooling off. So you can go hard, as long as you rest well and often. Hey interesting coincidence – a wavy line on a heart machine indicates health. A flat line indicates death.

5) Everyone should know that, more often than not, disease centers on your flawed digestive process. Food that doesn’t get used in the body sits there and not only turns to fat, but sticks in your intestines and ferments, leaching toxins into your body. So here comes the “Clean up Your ACT!” advice…

Go do a good intestinal cleanse. It’s the FIRST thing anyone should do that wants to get truly healthy. The program I’ve had tons of people do (friends as well as business relationships) is a two week program. You don’t have to fast (stop eating). The first week you just take some herbal pills with dinner. That’s easy enough, right? The second week you take some powder in water, 5-6 times a day. This powder sticks to the bad stuff in your intestines and eventually pries it off the walls of your intestines and it leaves by, well you get the picture – your normal process of elimination. Sounds a bit disgusting, but you’re rather have that junk in your toilet than in your body.

By the way, the best resource for great cleanse products and related natural treatments is Health Freedom Resources: I use them for treating myself, my wife and my kids – phenomenal results without drugs!

Anyway, you won’t believe what a good cleanse does to your energy and health.

So sales reps, clean up your act!

Stop playing with your health and energy and discover how well you will sell when you’re physically stronger.

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