Sales Rookie in the Saddle

(true story) My brother, Eddie decides to go horseback riding. Although he has had no previous experience he skillfully mounts the horse and appears in complete command of the situation as the horse gallops along at a steady pace, Donna admiringly watches her husband.


After a short time Eddie becomes a little casual and he begins to lose his grip in the saddle, he panics and grabs the horse around the neck, shouting for it to stop. Donna starts to scream and shout for someone to help her husband as Eddie has by this time slipped completely out of the saddle and is only saved from hitting the ground by the fact that he still has a grip on the horse’s neck.

Eddie decides that his best chance is to leap away from the horse, but his foot has become entangled in one of the stirrups. As the horse gallops along Eddie’s head is banging on the ground and he is slipping into unconsciousness. Donna is now frantic and screams and screams for help!!

Hearing her screams, the Walmart Security Guard comes out of the store and unplugs the horse!

Okay, so maybe only part of it was true, they shop at Walmart. But how are you in the selling saddle?

Are you going on each sales call or making each phone call as if it’s your first?

Even experienced salespeople can limit their skills and success to rookie level – when they don’t make a decision to make an effort to improve interactions with prospects (you might want to read that again).

Are you still a rookie, despite years of selling? What are you doing to become a true expert at your craft – riding faster and farther than the competition?

Why not respond to this post, share with what “it” is that you’re doing to improve your skills, riding herd on your prospects?

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