Sales Theft

“My grandfather invented the burglar alarm. But someone stole it from him.” – Victor Borge

A paranoia exists in sales training circles. It seeps into the fearful brains of trainers everywhere. “Somebody is going to steal my brilliant idea.”

As a writer who is constantly concerned about properly crediting sources, I’ve had plenty of people “borrow” from me.

One major university professor posted my stories on his web pages,  AS IF THEY WERE HIS OWN, even using my meta tags (hidden keywords for search engines) to get traffic to his site.

Integrity issue aside, your job in selling is to get better faster. So just absorb ideas, put them into play and see how they improve your income – regardless of these idea origins.

Read, listen, attend events.

Adapt, test and improve your selling life. That’s your job within your job.

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