Salesman donates million-mile car to museum

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (AP) — As a traveling salesman, Peter Gilbert has put a few miles on his car — 1,001,385 miles, to be precise.

It took the Glendale man 17 years to cross the million-mile mark with his 1989 Saab 900 SPG. He recently donated the durable vehicle to the Wisconsin Automotive Museum after Saab verified the mileage.

Mr. Gilbert is the ideal sales hire – a “plodder” who keeps at his craft, regardless of the toughness of the economy, the weather or the distance to his nearest prospect.

Can you develop the work ethic to put a million miles of impact on your marketplace?

Just keep selling, just keep selling (to paraphrase a famous Disney fish).

Can you be consistent, over time? That’s the mark of a true sales pro.

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