Screenwriters’ Strike, Prospects’ Strike

Tough times, in particular for television shows that need daily or weekly writing.

Here’s a thought – what do you think those screenwriters are doing, now that they’re not doing what they want to be doing? (say that 3 times fast, with a keyboard in your mouth)

I bet each of these individuals is working on their own stuff. They’re crafting shows or plays or movies that they would love to bring to life, but nobody is paying them to do so.

Guess what? We’re heading into holiday times for sales reps, when the prospects are on strike.

You can’t reach them. So what are going to do with your time over the next week or two?

How about working on your own stuff as well?

Get a book, listen to an audio, spend some time sitting with other sales pros and chatting about techniques to get past gatekeepers, close business and lead generation strategies.

Be fruitful, keep busy, but most of all stay positive during your prospects’ strike.

It’s a great time to get better at your craft. So when those buyers come back to work, you’ll be readier than you’ve ever been to write a contract that leads to more happy endings in 2008!

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