See the Squid?

I’m honeymooning with my honey and we’re on a sailing ship in the Virgin Islands. We stop in a natural harbor and grab snorkeling gear to explore some incredible wildlife, underwater.

We’re in about 6 feet of water and I am stunned by the vision below me. I’ve never seen anything like it, never heard of it either – and I grew up in Southern California, hitting the beach at every opportunity.

I pop up and call to Wendy to look down, and she does, and sees nothing.

“Look at the sea bed, everywhere!” I yell, energy and excitement adding power to my voice.

Head down, head up, head shaking – she doesn’t see it.

“Squid!” I tell her, “baby squid, everywhere!”

Now she sees. The sea bed is coated with tens of thousands of baby squid.

Everytime we moved, the squid rotated to watch us, little black eyes facing the human bodies, probably wondering if we were safe animals or enemies.

The vision of those beautiful, transparent creatures travels with me whenever I see or dwell on the ocean. Amazing moments.

Wendy told me, back on the boat, that she didn’t see the animals because they formed a perpetual pattern across the bottom of the ocean. And so they were invisible to her.

Do you recognize patterns playing out in your sales life?

Prospects responding the same way (and you haven’t yet figured out how to counter them)? How about how you work your daily tasks? And how you respond to conflict or disappointment when sales don’t close?

If you recognize patterns, you can learn to break them, if they’re not useful. Or be affirmed about their value, if they help you close more and work more efficiently.

See patterns everywhere. Traffic lights run on patterns, our car engines, too. Even our bodies function on patterns of respiration and muscle movement (like our tongues when we talk). In fact, our life cycles through patterns of wakefulness for work and play, with sleep for rest and recovery.

Start to increase your sensitivity to patterns and decide which ones you’re okay with and which ones need to be broken.

So I hope you begin to see the value and the beauty in patterns. I hope, even more, you decide to be disturbed by those patterns you need to break.

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