Seeing Red

It’s dinner time with the family and Bekah, 6, is hiding a piece of paper under the table. She has a surprise for Mom & Dad.

“Tada!” She announces and waves her spelling test in our faces. 10 words, 8 wrong.

The paper had so much red on it, you’d have thought they slaughtered a chicken in class.

Wendy and I stare at the splashes of red marker, black print and pencil as Bekah bursts out laughing.

“I really messed up this one, Mom and Dad.”

“You’re not upset? Wendy asks. And our little first grader says no.

So as a parent you’re thinking “is this an okay response?” I am actually kind of proud that she’s not devastated by a low score. It reflects a strong self image.

And as a sales rep or coach or manager you might be thinking, “is this response worth replicating? Can I model my attitude and self-talk after a six-year old’s bad experience?”

You know what I’m going to say.

Yes! Your mental health in selling is directly related to how you respond to trouble and how quickly your respond in a manner which reflects a great self image.

Take it from Bekah, a hearty laugh at trouble can drain the black out of it. Out of the mouths of babes…

So when you’re seeing red, think blue skies ahead and green grass around the next prospect and gold in the bank.

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