Selfish Bees’ Masquerade Party!

Traditional beliefs about bee colonies stated that only queen bees can supply eggs that produce new queen bees.

In the ultimate overthrow of the monarchy, worker bees have been observed sneaking their eggs into the colony so their offspring will be raised as royalty, according to new research by Lyndon Jordan of the University of Sydney, Australia.

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Wow, the ultimate image of teamwork in nature has always been the bee – Striving to build the hive together, strong work ethic, dying for their mates. This new research reveals that insects can go bad, much like selfish humans.

We all want the limelight, to be #1! We want to be queen or king for a day. We want to leave a legacy of outstanding earnings, so the sales world can cry out, “look at that production!”

And, frankly, at times all of us are top performers. We land a great sale and feel like the master of our universe, our hive.

But true top performers are consistent. They buzz about producing steady growth. Would-be queens and kings live in the hive’s penthouse for short periods of time, perhaps only 24 hours at a time (more like a common house fly, than the regal honeybee).

Consistent steady growth, persistent steady contact with your market and fragrant steady impressions on your corporate family are the keys to true, perpetual sales royalty.

Who are you? Today’s pretender or tomorrow’s ruler of the hive?

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